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Cracking food and nutrition legalities with Claire Baseley

Health, nutrition and food claims seem to be everywhere these days as more and more holistic health products hit the shelves. However, awareness and education of the legislation that encompasses these claims continue to be lacking and misleading, specifically when it comes to HCPs.

Registered Nutritionist Claire Baseley is working to address this in her new educational and advisory webinar. The three-part series aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the EU/UK Nutrition and Health Claims legislation with up to date advice on navigating the law post-Brexit.

The course, which is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition for CPD, unpicks the convoluted legislation around the role of HCPs in product endorsement, packaging and reformulation. Although we all know that health and nutrition professionals are not allowed to endorse products that make health claims, gaining an understanding of legalities is paramount as you navigate relationships with brands, marketers and patients.

“It’s essential for HCPs to understand what brands are permitted to say when they are promoting their products and it is critical that they understand the ways in which they can work publicly with brands,’ explains Claire Baseley: ‘If a brand and an HCP have a complaint upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority, they risk reputation damage and negative PR.’

Gaining knowledge of the law when it comes to products is another vital component to the safeguarding of your patients. The legislation is primarily used to protect consumers against misleading health claims on food and other products. Claims made from a lack of evidence can pressure consumers and leave them confused, dissatisfied and suspicious.

The course runs several times a year at a cost of £270. It has received excellent feedback from the HCPs who have already attended with many praising Claire for her clarity in explaining how HCPs can legally work with brands that make health claims.

Through case studies and worked examples that place legal frameworks into the real world, Claire Baseley’s webinar series will have you legislation savvy in no time.

The next course starts on March 24th at 8 pm. To find out more and to book your place, click here:



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