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Do you have patients with Ichthyosis?

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with the Ichthyosis Support Group to create a patient-centric awareness-building campaign. Over the coming months, the talkhealth team will be working closely with ISG to increase the resources, conversations and representations of ichthyosis within the patient arena.

The campaign will highlight the debilitating effects of the condition under the message of ‘Ichthyosis is not just a bit of dry skin!‘.

Who are ISG?

The ISG aims to preserve and protect the health of and to relieve persons affected by ichthyosis and associated conditions through education of the general public and the family unit. The group is also dedicated to promoting and funding research into finding the causes of ichthyosis to eventually find a cure. It does this in a number of ways including information packs, newsletters and online and in-person events like family conferences and residential camps for children.

What are talkhealth and ISG doing?

With the help of the ISG, we're hosting two online events which will increase awareness around, demystify and encourage conversations about ichthyosis. We are making use of talkhealth features that we know our members already love to ensure that your patients are engaged and the content is accessible.

The perfect way to encourage patients to engage with their condition is via accessible and digestible educational experiences. This webinar provides the perfect touchpoint for people affected by ichthyosis.

Having worked closely with IGS, it's become more and more clear to us how little patients really know about the condition. The online clinic will be the perfect opportunity for them to ask questions and learn from our panel of experts and one another.

How can my patients attend the events?

Attending talkhealth events is so simple! You should direct your patients to our website, where they can sign up to become a member. After they have signed up, they have full access to our webinars, clinics, articles and offers!



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