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How Can You Prevent Nail Fungal Infections?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Anyone can get fungal infection as different fungi are in the immediate environment. There’s always a threat that fungi can invade your body because of unnoticeable small cracks on your skin.

Although these fungal infections are not life-threatening, they cause discomfort and can make other people iffy when they see the appearance of the infected part. Sometimes, there’s also a pungent attendant smell which can adversely affect how others see you.

Some people are more prone to getting fungal nail infections. Diabetics with an immune-compromised system have experienced trauma and have a history of fungal infections in other parts of the body. Those with poor circulation tend to have an increased chance of acquiring a fungal nail infection, for which tablets for fungal nail infection are readily available.

Prevention is, however, still much better than finding a cure. If you wish to avoid getting nail fungal infections, you must consider the following things:

Understand the risk factors

Fungal infections happen more commonly in older people. Doctors say it’s because seniors tend to have poor blood circulation, have slower-growing nails, and might also have longer exposure to fungi. Furthermore, nail infections are more common among men than women, health experts say this is because they have a history of walking barefoot around the house or the gym. If you also have elevated blood sugar levels or diabetes, there's also a higher risk of acquiring nail fungus infections.

Wear clean and comfortable socks

You must wear comfortable and clean socks. You mustn't think to re-use soiled socks because you've probably sweated on them. Remember, most fungi quickly reproduce in damp places. Regardless of how fast you wore the socks, you must wash them before wearing them again.

Also, don't use socks that seem to strangle your legs. If you do, you're restricting blood circulation in your legs, and you might open yourself up to a higher chance of contracting fungi infection. Instead, wear socks that are comfortable.

Bathe at least once every day

One of the basic tenets of personal hygiene is to bathe at least once a day, especially after you’ve sweated buckets. Unwashed and damp skin can attract more than dirt, and there’s a huge chance that you’ll also stink. So don’t scrimp on taking showers. Also, don’t forget to scrub your toes and between them to ensure that your feet are clean.

Clean and clip your nails properly

Another personal hygiene tenet you must always follow is properly clipping your nails. Keep them as short as possible without exposing the underlying skin. Whenever you take a bath, ensure that you clean them properly. Also, don't clip the cuticle or the skin around your nails, as they serve as an additional layer of protection. Refrain from sharing nail clippers, as germs and fungi can easily spread with shared things.

Avoiding fungal nail infections is quite easy, but many people forget how to do it. Remember to be as hygienic as possible to prevent fungi from infecting any body part.


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