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Are your patients making the most of talkhealth's September Skin Takeover?

September is skin month! Here's how your patients can make the most out of the month-long celebration of skincare...

Our 4-week skin takeover is well underway and the talkhealth platform is quickly becoming a skincare encyclopedia. It has been brilliant to see talkhealth experts and our users come together over the last week to share their best skin insights. What's even better is...there are still three weeks to go!

In collaboration with the British Skin Foundation and Childs Farm, our weekly webinars, coffee mornings, articles and forums will cover all things skin. From looking after children’s skin to protecting skin below the waistline, the talkhealth platform is covering the corners of skincare that you might not have time to touch on in the doctors' office.

If you have patients who you think will benefit from educational and actionable dermatology advice, send them our way! We still have loads of exciting events coming up that they can learn from:


You have probably seen a good portion of the 3,000 different skin conditions that are thought to exist so you know how hard it is to increase patient understanding of skin conditions. This skin month, talkhealth is teaming up with The British Skin Foundation, The Psoriasis Association, The British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC)and Vitiligo Society to offer an online expert clinic on general skin conditions.

Our expert clinics allow patients to get expert advice from healthcare professionals via an online clinic forum. They can submit directly to the forum or they can email us if they would like us to a question on their behalf.


Every week throughout September, our members will have the chance to ‘zoom in’ to a skin-related webinar. We will be joined by experts from the fields of acne, sun exposure, vulval dermatology and children's skin. The best way to stay up to date on all of the events is to sign up for our weekly events update!

If your patients miss the live webinar, they stay on our site for a minimum of 12 months. Our webinars-on-demand page is jam-packed full of interesting webinars that cover all areas of health, not just skin, that we would love for you to share with the patients that need them!

We are always on the hunt for new experts to join our webinar lineup. So if you, or one of your colleagues, wants to help an engaged patient community learn more about their health, please get in touch!


At talkhealth, we know that a cup of tea can't solve everything but we do believe it can get you on your way to a better day. That's why we launched our digital coffee mornings. Every other Friday, the talkhealth team meet our members on Zoom to have a chat about a certain health topic.

To celebrate skin month, we have invited nurse Julie Van Onselen, one of our favourite skin experts, to host another virtual coffee morning. On Friday 17 September at 11 am, Julie will be on hand to answer any skin-related questions your patients may have. With 25 years of dermatology under her belt, Julie will be answering questions about eczema to psoriasis and everything in between!



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