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Sustainability in Healthcare Report 2021

talkhealth's most recent survey spotlights pitfalls in sustainable healthcare...

We all know that sustainability is big on the healthcare scene these days, but patients are often left unfulfilled when they make greener health choices. What’s more, we don’t blame patients or medical professionals for feeling bamboozled by the huge amount of eco-friendly healthcare options that are on offer!

At talkhealth, we are dedicated to safeguarding the future of both healthcare and the planet. To find out more about how talkgreen could help you and your patients make greener choices, we asked our members how sustainable healthcare has shaped their patient journeys so far and the areas that they believe need an extra nudge to become more planet conscious.

Our Sustainability in Healthcare report found that:

  • 90% of the survey respondents think that environmental issues are either ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’

  • 82% of people said they were more likely to buy something if it has green credentials

  • Over half of the respondents believe health and wellness companies aren’t doing enough to make their products eco-friendly

  • For 88% of people, zero-plastic packaging is classed as either ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’. Many participants commented on the disparity between the organic composition of healthcare products and the plastic that is used to package them.

These results show that our community are switched on when it comes to green healthcare. We are excited by the results and the insight that they give us for the bettering of our brand-new platform talkgreen.

If you haven't already, why not head over to our talkgreen hub where you will find evidence-based and trustworthy content that covers all corners of sustainable healthcare. We hope that with your and your patient's help, we can look forward to a greener healthcare future.

If you would like more information about how to receive this report in full, please email our Sales and Partnerships Director.


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