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Welcome to talkhealth medical

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Welcome to talkhealth medical - our platform for healthcare professionals!

At talkhealth, we're all about putting patients front and centre of everything we do; they inform the articles we write, the online expert clinics we host and the products we have available to test. A huge part of that commitment is bridging the gap between the public and medical experts - and that's where you come in.

We know that you're short on time. We know that it can be difficult to reach your patients and to deliver the education and information that they need in the time allotted.

Our services are designed to reduce your workload while ensuring that people really are receiving round-the-clock advice and attention.

Services that might be of interest:

- patient support programmes

- downloadable digital screens for your practice

- downloadable articles on a range of health and well-being subjects

- online expert clinics

Patient support programmes

Our support programmes are all about helping people better self-manage their health. We work closely with charities and medical experts to write easy-to-follow, actionable advice that gets sent out every week in PDF form.

We currently have 12 live support programmes on topics ranging from multiple sclerosis to menopause. If you would like to help write, consult or propose a topic, please do get in touch.

Our PSPs not only empower patients to take their health into their own hands but also free up vital GP and nurse time; we answer a lot of the most common questions while giving patients the confidence in their self-management techniques in between appointments.

Online expert clinics

Every month, we host a range of online expert clinics. These allow your patients to ask a host of healthcare experts questions on a specific condition - taking the pressure off you and giving them an opportunity to receive advice from multiple sources.

If you would like to join our panel of experts and help patients get the answers they need from the comfort of their own home, please email us at

You can check out our current, past and future clinics here.

Digital screens and downloadable resources

By subscribing to our monthly medical newsletter, you'll be able to download our latest digital screens. These are designed to be displayed in your practice so that patients in your waiting room can find out about our services and the clinics that are set to be hosted that month.

We're constantly updating our library of articles on talkhealth; if you would like to reuse any of them, please do let us know. If you'd like to commission articles on specific topics, we can also do that. Everything is scientifically-backed, expert-led and patient-friendly.



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