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support programmes

support programmes

talkhealth have developed a series of specific health condition and well-being support programmes that anyone can join for free at any time. The programmes are condition not treatment focused, providing 12 to 19 weeks self-care management and support, delivered via email each week. 

Each programme is either NHS England Information Standard or PIF Accredited and has been written by talkhealth and medical experts.

What to ask your doctor 

Hints & Tips 

Treatment types

Psychological impact

Coping mechanisms


Available – mywoundcare, myeczemachild, myrosacea, mydryskin, myhairloss, myIBS,  mywellbeing, myMSmypsoriasis, mysleep and mymenopause

Launching soon – mymentalwellbeing, myweight

Written by talkhealth and medical professionals to NHS England Information Standard

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