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talkhealth and MSNTC launch new collaboration

talkhealth and MSNTC are collaborating to increase awareness of the services available to those with MS and other long-term neurological conditions. The partnership, which was kicked off with a webinar, will provide educational self-management support across the talkhealth platform and in MS National Therapy Centres too.

Together, we aim to highlight the programmes, therapies and expert advice that both MSNTC and talkhealth offer for people with multiple sclerosis. The collaboration will provide your patients who live with multiple sclerosis and other neurological health conditions the specialised tools that they need to take control of their health.

We will be working with centres across the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands, as well as one in Gibraltar, to host webinars, educational articles and online residency clinics. These will follow the tried and tested format of previous talkhealth features so will engage your patients who are already talkhealth members in the ways that they are used to.

For patients who are not yet signed up to our platform, this collaboration is a great way to ease them into both our online features and the talkhealth myMS support programme. The programme, which is made up of weekly email PDF’s that are jam-packed full of advice, will be highlighted as a key resource throughout the partnership. This means that loads more of our community will be taking part in the course and your patients can find like-minded people to complete the programme with.

On the collaboration, Frank Sudlow, Chair of MSNTC says:

"As someone who lives with MS and was diagnosed over 20 years ago, I find it quite shocking how few people know about the MS Therapy Centres and the practical support they can offer. I have benefitted from the therapies and my neurologist recommends I continue to make use of them. You don’t have to wait until your condition becomes too serious to benefit from the therapies."

The main aim of this ongoing project is to highlight the innovative care opportunities that are provided by MSNTCs across the country. MSNTC is an organisation with over 47 member Centres. Each centre is an individual volunteer-led charity that is dedicated to the management of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions via a range of therapies. These services include oxygen therapy, physiotherapy, advocacy advice as well as counselling and mental health support.

By spotlighting the centres, we are ensuring that your patients have an increased awareness of where they can access treatment. This not only encourages them to self-manage their conditions more efficiently but will also ease some of the pressures off of you and your teams.

You can read more about MSNTC here.

The collaboration began back in July when Doro Pasantes, CEO of the Brightwell Centre in Bristol, spoke with us about oxygen therapy. As one of the only MSNTCs to offer the therapy, this webinar provides a useful insight into the power of oxygen therapy in the management of symptoms of long-term neurological and chronic conditions.

To find out more about our myms support programme, click here.



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