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Support Programmes: Help your patients to start the year right!

Results from our December members survey clearly showed that lots of our members like to set health intentions in the new year. Whether it’s adopting better habits with food, sticking to their health plan more carefully or taking up a new exercise they love to kick the year off right. However, we know that sometimes patients find it hard to know where to start.

That’s where our support programmes come in handy. The courses are great resources that provide diverse and actionable education about specific areas of healthcare. The courses, which run for up to 20 weeks, consist of weekly email PDFs that are jam-packed full of expert advice.

Oh, and did we mention they are all entirely free?!

Here are the best support programmes that’ll help your patients to create sustainable health habits in 2022:


Around 48% of people report that they have drier skin in winter. Thanks to the drop in temperature, less moisture in the air as well as amping up the air-con, everyone’s skin takes a battering when it’s colder. That’s why mydryskin is the perfect programme for everyone who wants to start loving their skin more this year.

Throughout the 12-weeks, your patients will learn about the symptoms and triggers of dry skin. The digestible content will teach them how to not only deal with flare-ups but also stop flaking from happening in the first place. There are loads of patient stories throughout this course too which will help people to understand how having dry skin, and preventing it, really does affect their lifestyles.


When a patient is living with sleep issues, it can often feel like there is no remedy. However, there is loads of evidence to show that having a greater understanding of sleep can work wonders for better shut-eye. That’s why we have designed this programme to educate your patients on the pragmatic things that they can do to help when sleeping gets tough.

Also, lots more of us are living with different sleep habits because of the way the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives. From changing daily routines to more screen time, this course will help people to break bad habits that might have become the norm over the last two years. What are you waiting for? Share this support programme with your patients now.


Whether it’s down to hormones, ageing, stress or medication, we know how many of your patients are living with hair loss. Just because it happens often doesn’t make it any easier which is why we have designed this 20-week support programme. It will give your patients all of the tools they need to keep their hair, and the loss of it, in check.

You know better than anyone about the detrimental effect of hair loss on mental health. We have curated this programme to have a strong focus on the psychological impacts that hair loss can have so your patients can come to terms with the challenge in an empowered way.


Wellbeing is a health buzzword these days which is why we want to help our members boost their holistic health in an educated and informed way. Based on the fact that our health, bodies, minds and lifestyles are intrinsically linked, this 19-week course is our most wide-ranging programme. Covering diet, exercise, compassion and caring for others as well as sleep and digital health, it’s designed to highlight all four corners of healthcare.


We have 8 other support programmes on offer on the platform that might be perfect for your patients:

  • mymenopause

  • myIBS

  • mywound

  • myeczemachild

  • myMS

  • mypsoriasis

  • myrosacea

  • mywellbeing for students


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